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The following Documents are a Summary of Information that were given to the Foundation in Terms of the Data Exchange Program between the Foundation and the Roman Empire. Part of These Informations were given to the Foundation, other Informations were claimed by a Team that was send into the Roman Empires Pocket Dimension, others were claimed by Foundation Agents which [REJECTED]

The Empire is vastly different to the Roman Empire we known and to our World in general. With the Church never rising in power, their technology is far more advanced then ours.

The Roman Empire

Imperium Romanum
Language Latin
Capital Roma Novum
Polity Triumvirate
Governmental System Absolutistic Monarchy with Senate
Leaders ● Thaddeus Lucilius Blaesus • Tiberius Germanius Scapula
Teritory 16.801.345 km²
Population ca. 351. Mio
Population Density 21 People per km²
Currency Roman Sesterz
Founding 21st of April 753 B.C: Roman Empire
9th of August 117 A.C: Imperium Romanum Nova
National Religion Roman Polytheism


The Roman Empire has a Population of 351.000.000 People which 70% of live in the Cities and the other 30% on the Land. The Population is a typical estate-bases Society as it existed in Rome before.

The 1st Class

Only consisting of around 45.000 People, the First Class is the Leading Class of the Empire. The Members of the First Class are mostly Senators, the highest members of the Military and the highest religious represants and their Families. Also the highest nobles and their families.

Members of the First Class are exclused from taxes and other payments. They have free Access to the best of Health support and educational facilities for their Children. They are prefered in all Parts of Life and life mostly seperated from the lower classes. They life mostly in giant Palaces or on private Islands.




The Military of the New Roman Empire is split in several Sub-Departments:

Officium Secretum (OS)

The Secret Service

Praetoriani Offici Secretium (POS)

Military Elite Units of the Secret Service

Milites Offici Secretium (MOS)

Military Personal of the Secret Service


The Military


Standart Units


Cavellery/Tanks etc.

Milites Aeronis




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